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The Wilds Location Filming Policy

The Mission of the Wilds:

To advance conservation through science, education and personal experience.


The Wilds is pleased to assist photography and filming projects in conjunction
with the above Mission Statement. The Wilds is also a public attraction and our
visitors are entitled to experience the entire park with a minimum of distraction
and inconvenience. In order to accommodate all parties involved during these
processes, the following guidelines and policies must be met and adhered to:
I. Requests and Preparation
a. All requests must be consistent with the Wilds’ Mission Statement, must
reflect a professional and positive image of the Wilds, its animals, habitats,
grounds and staff members.
b. All requests must be in writing and presented to the Wilds’ Community
Relations Department at least two weeks prior to the date of filming.
c. Due to the fact that request approvals will be based upon the perceived
quality and content of the final product, all requests must be as detailed as
d. All requests are subject to fee guidelines established by the Wilds
Community Relations Department as set forth herein.
e. Any cancellations and/or changes to any requests must be made at least
24 hours in advance of production date.
f. All request approvals are subject to final approval by the Wilds’
Community Relations Department. The Wilds reserves the absolute right
to grant or deny permission to shoot and to determine the terms under
which shooting will be permitted.
g. The production company shall obtain appearance releases for the Wilds
visitors whenever necessary.
h. Before shooting can begin, production companies must provide proof of
general liability insurance and workers compensation coverage. In some
cases, companies may be required to name the Wilds as an additional
insured on their policies.
i. Submit your request in writing at least two weeks in advance of the
scheduled shoot date with the following information:
• Include your name, address, phone number and email address.
• Provide a detailed description of the project.
• Explain where, when, and how it will be broadcast/published.
• Indicate how many people will be coming.
• Indicate how much time is needed for the shoot and your desired start
date/time (include set-up/tear down time).
• Indicate any special equipment and assistance needed from the Wilds
(include electrical needs).
• Indicate what area(s) of the Wilds in which you would like to shoot
(animal pastures noting specific animals, carnivore center, lodging,
special tours, etc.)
• Indicate whether you wish to interview the Wilds
staff/members/visitors/volunteers and outline your interview request.
• List any other details that are important to the shoot.
• Email the information to or fax to (614) 645-
II. Fees
a. Location fees are set by the Wilds depending upon a variety of factors
such as the nature and purpose of the project, its intended market, its
potential promotional value to the Wilds, the potential disruption to the
operation, the extent to which the Wilds is required to support the
project, and the extent to which the rights to the final product are shared
with the Wilds.
b. The standard daily fee schedule applies to any activity that occurs
between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and regular closing time (varies). Fees
are done in two and a half hour increments (2.5 hours, 5 hours, 7.5 hours,
10 hours). The fee is $1,200.00 for the first two and a half hours and
$1,000.00 for each additional two and a half hours. There is a $1,200.00
minimum. The fee will be doubled if an additional Wilds vehicle is needed.
c. Fees for use of the Wilds outside of posted operating hours will be
determined on a case-by-case basis and will be based on the number and
type of staff required to stay overtime.
d. The $1,200.00 minimum fee must be submitted to the Wilds one week
before the scheduled shoot.
III. Equipment and Props
a. Outside vehicles are not permitted on the Wilds grounds unless prior
approval is granted by the Community Relations Department. If outside
vehicles are granted approval, the following guidelines must be followed:
i) A Community Relations representative or designated Wilds staff
member must accompany any vehicle while it is on the Wilds
grounds and while the engine is running. Vehicles may not exceed
10 miles per hour and may not honk horns.
b. All props to be used during a media production or filming must be
approved by the Community Relations Department in advance. Some
equipment (lights, reflectors, microphone booms, fog machines, etc.) may
be prohibited if it is determined by the Community Relations Department
to pose a potential threat to the health or safety of the animals, habitats or
c. No plants or animals are to be brought onto the Wilds grounds.
d. Power supplies are limited in certain areas of the Wilds and must be
addressed by the Wilds’ staff.
e. Lighting restrictions may apply to certain areas of the Wilds. The number
of lights and their placement in relation to windows must be monitored by
a member of the staff.
f. Any materials brought into the Wilds must be removed by members of the
g. We cannot supply storage of equipment or materials on site prior to or
between filming sessions.
IV. Admission
a. All camera crews and personnel must provide a list of essential working
members that will be needed while on location. Such list will be available
to the Community Relations Department and the reservations office 24
hours in advance to assist in the admittance of said working members.
b. Friends, relatives, non-acting minors and non-working crew members are
not permitted complimentary admission to the Wilds without the express
consent of the Community Relations Department.
c. A Community Relations representative or designated Wilds staff member
will be present at all times.
V. Conduct
a. While on the Wilds property, all production and camera crew personnel
shall not in any way attempt to manipulate animals for the sake of
production. Clapping, shouting, whistling or any other distractions will not
be tolerated.
b. Each crew member must stay in the immediate area of their assigned
Community Relations representative when visiting or operating in any area
not allowed to the general public.
c. All directives given by ANY Wilds personnel are made for the protection of
the animals, habitats, visitors, employees and crew members, and such
directives must be obeyed at all times.
d. The production company is fully responsible for all damages that occur at
the Wilds as a result of their actions and for paying for all repairs deemed
necessary by the Wilds.
VI. Ownership and Copyrights
a. Except as otherwise agreed, all film and photographs shot by the
production company shall belong to it. The company shall provide a copy
of the final product to the Wilds for archival purposes.
b. Any video or still photo imagery produced by the Wilds photographer on
behalf of any production company or individual requests pursuant to the
aforementioned guidelines is the property of the Wilds Community
Relations Department.
c. The production company will acknowledge the Wilds in its production,
publication, website, or other promotional materials only when requested
by the Wilds. The Wilds makes no endorsement of the production
company, its production, or any product featured therein.
d. The production company may use film and photographs shot at the Wilds
only for the specific purpose stated in the Location Filming Agreement.
The grant of rights in one medium does not convey rights to sue any other
media, unless so indicated. Under no circumstances may the production
company use film and photographs shot at the Wilds in a manner
inconsistent with the Wilds’ mission and image or in a defamatory, untrue
or censorable nature, and the company shall cease any such use upon
demand by the Wilds. The company shall ensure that its licensees and
assignees fully comply with the provisions of this paragraph.
e. Any video or still imagery produced by any individual or group for class
projects or educational purposes MAY NOT BE USED FOR
and must adhere to all aforementioned
guidelines without exception.