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2014 WildeCamp at the Wilds!

Hey Kids, this summer is going to be WILD!  WildeCamp is a week-long camp filled with canoeing, swimming, hiking, crafts, games and some pretty exotic animals.  We offer a variety of topics for youth of all ages from 8-18 years.  See below for specific topics.  Scholarship funds are available.

ANIMAL EXPLORERS – Ages 8-9 years

For kids who love adventure, Animal Explorers campers are encouraged to be at home in the woods, wetlands and grasslands.  Wilds staff will give them the attention younger campers need (ratio 1:4) to develop lasting friendships and wonder about the world!
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Here's a camp for those truly "wild" kids who like learning by doing and getting their hands into nature! Staff trained in wildlife science encourage learning and inspire a life of caring for our world. Campers enjoy adventures like canoeing, horseback riding and wildlife game days!  
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Discover what it takes to be a conservation biologist at the Wilds!  Campers will work side-by-side with some of the Wilds highly trained scientists to learn about different methods of observing, tracking, collecting, and monitoring wildlife – from native to rare and endangered species that roam the Wilds rolling hillsides.  Participants will also learn the importance of habitat restoration and health by working with our restoration ecologists and even using a seed ball launcher to plant native species!  This camp also includes horseback riding.
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Backpack the unseen areas of the Wilds for two days as part of this WildeCamp experience. Adventure Camp is a weeklong camp for those eager to live in the wild as well as learn about it. Campers enjoy parts of the 14-square-mile property that others have never seen, and will get into the wildest activities of all, while treading lightly on the land.  Campers will hike, go horseback riding and even ZIPLINE!
Note: In addition to the standard WildeCamp registration forms, Adventure campers must fill out a zipline permission form included in the registration forms.
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DIRTY WILD JOBS: A Conservation Career Camp for Teens - Ages 15-18

Learn about being a wildlife veterinarian, animal management specialist or wildlife habitat manager during this innovative, hands-on practicum experience. Lab and field classes with veterinarians, animal management professionals, restoration ecologists and conservation educators provide many opportunities to learn about careers in conservation. All campers participate in group activities together, in addition to attending smaller focus sessions of up to 12 campers per area-specific program. Choose from two programs: Conservation Medicine or Animal Management.
Note: Dirty Wild Jobs campers must be entering 10th grade or above.
To ensure a quality learning experience, each concentration group will be limited to 12 campers. Dirty Wild Jobs campers will be chosen through an application process. All Dirty Wild Jobs applicants must fill out the Dirty Wild Jobs application (in addition to the registration forms). The selection process will begin May 1. Any applicant not accepted will be issued a full refund.
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