Get Involved with the Zoo

Individual Scholarships


What can the funds be used for?
Individuals may apply for scholarships to the following programs:
Family Overnights
Scout Programs
Who qualifies for scholarship funds?
Persons wishing to apply for these funds must demonstrate a financial need.
How to Apply:
1. CLICK HERE to download the Individual Scholarship application.
2. Send completed application materials to:
The Wilds
Attn: Education Department
14000 International Rd.
Cumberland, OH 43732
Fax: (740) 638-2287
*You will receive notification of the status of your application within two weeks of submitting your request to the Individual Scholarship program.
Email or call us at (740) 638-5030 Ext. 2286.
The Learning is Wild Scholarship is made possible by the Ingram-White Castle Foundation and the Jeffrey Company.