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Strategic Plan

The Wilds' Strategic Plan is based upon a core ideology that values:
  • Commitment to and Respect for Nature
  • Social and Scientific Relevance
  • Innovative, Entrepreneurial and Creative Approaches in All We Do
Over the last two decades the Wilds has grown to become an organization on the leading edge of conservation. The Wilds long-term Vision is structured around six "Strategic Centers". Each center is strengthened by, and perhaps not achievable without, the goals and objectives of the others.

Our Strategic Centers include:

Animal Management
The Wilds practices scientifically based management techniques and breeding programs to promote the health and diversity of wildlife populations.

Science and Research
The Wilds research programs generate in-depth data, tools, and techniques which are needed to understand and effectively conserve remnant populations of threatened wildlife and critical habitats - locally and globally.

Conservation Education and Professional Training
The Wilds provides integrated education programs for all ages that immerse students and visitors in experiences that promote a positive future for people, wildlife, and wild places. We also serve as an international resource for conservation professionals by providing a diverse and unique "living laboratory" for research, training, and educational opportunities.

Land Stewardship and Habitat Management
The Wilds uses scientific and ecologically based practices to study and manage our unique land base totaling 10,000 acres. Professional staff works to manipulate this recovering land in ways that promote native biodiversity.

Personal Experience
The Wilds is committed to providing unique opportunities for guests to experience the benefits of our conservation work in a way that balances our economic and environmental goals.

Institutional Partnerships
The Wilds works to develop networks and relationships for the purpose of advancing conservation programs both locally and globally. A cooperative conservation effort on a national and international scale can bring greater value to the unique attributes of our organization including large land space, diverse ecosystems and a world-class staff.

Resource Development and Sustainability
The Wilds is working to develop a balanced and sustainable resource base, which will support and maintain steady growth. These efforts are focused on advancing the mission of the Wilds, maintaining flexibility in an ever-changing world, and ensuring long-term survival of the place, its people, and programs.